Charon Makvi

Charon Makvi is the first generation Poetry Robot. We developed her in collaboration with HUMUSVZW for the Teletxt project.

Teletxt does research on text in public places. In response, we built a poetry-robot which brings poetry in public places under the influence of feedback given by its environment and the people in that environment.

For Charons database we used about 10000 existing poems. From this Charon creates new poems by using a Markov Chain Algorithm and sensor feedback. As the values from these sensors change, the poem will evolve dramatically.

Every choice she makes is monitored and recorded. Hereby we can observe every step Charon has taken so far.

On the location where Charon is installed, several sensors are placed in the room. At present they observe temperature, movement, sound and colour. In the future we will add new sensors to experiment further on how to influence Charon.

All observations, processes and poetry are displayed on LCD screens and printed on thermal paper. This can be handed out to everyone who is interested and it is also displayed on a website:

Charon Makvi stond in het PoëzieCentrum tijdens de Genstse Feesten 2018!

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Ook tijdens daaromleesik in de Krook, werd het een groots succes!

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Sinds 2018 beschikt Charon over de mogelijkheid om jou gedachten te lezen ;). Ze doet dit adhv een brain-interface! De data die we uitlezen wordt gebruikt om complexere woorden te gaan selecteren in de database.


charon Makvi @poezie centrum Gent 2019

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Charon Makvi @makerFaire Gent 2019!

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